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Wandering through the landscape, far away or just around the corner with a camera in my hand. Searching for peace and reflection. This hits me every single time. And every time it results in a different series of photographs in which the landscape shows me exactly what it wants to show me.

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flevoland – oostvaardersplassen

The Abstract series originated from a period in which I was looking for the inner reflection. A period of time in which I realized that from a standing position, you can take another step. An exciting, experimental time, because the outcome can not be disputed. And so it was with me, as I caught these images.

flevoland – noorderplassen

Photographs with the element of surprise. Photographs that unendingly fascinate me. Plowed up from the world without deadlines, in complete silence, without the ticking of a second hand. Timeless, abstract.

fryslân – ameland

utrecht – houten

And so the Abstract series was created, which ultimately speaks more to the imagination than the others. Photographs in which I deliberately make omissions and in which coincidence determines the visual result.

utrecht – houten

These photographs speak to the imagination. They tell a story or force you, as an observer, to be still. Take the time to rest and experience what is happening right now. Contemplative and meditative photographs that show – the longer you look – more and more. Both outside yourself and in. As if the photograph wants to bring the outside world and your inner world into balance.

england – bosham

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