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the quest

It started years ago with reading the book Night Train to Lisbon. Immediately after reading the first page, I was upside down. I read the book in one breath, and was, as it were, sucked into the book. The tone of the book touched me, but above all the protagonist who changed his familiar life from one moment to the next. Recognizable?

Almost immediately I knew that I wanted to visualize this book. It became my dream project. But how and what? I had no idea yet. With the novel and the camera in my hand I traveled to Bern and Lisbon several times. In search of the essence of the story, and, what later turned out to be: the essence of my life. Just before my first departure to Bern, I met the writer Pascal Mercier. An unlikely beautiful encounter that proved so inspiring and inspiring for the journeys that followed. For me this journey was a quest, a quest, for my inner freedom, a search, with the camera in my hand, to who and where I am, what I do, how I do things and above all how I feel about it.

The quest is a personal representation of a search for answers to existential questions. To discover that you know nothing for sure. And that that leads to inner freedom.

I believe that photography is a way of looking at yourself. When I photograph, or look at photos of others, I get to know more about myself. Is that what you actually see what you see?

And now the photo book is there:

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The making of … the journey

Like a thunderstorm in clear skies, the book Night Train to Lisbon came into my life, many years ago. The story affected me deeply. My own search for answers to questions like who I really am, what choices should I make in my life, who am I when it comes to security, focus, and freedom. How do I deal with wonder, emptiness, and creativity? It fascinated me.

As a person who needs an image to understand things, I realized I must search for those photographs which this book called my mind towards. I needed them in order to answer constantly recurring questions. After all, words reflect images and vice versa.

I read the book for the fifth, for the sixth time and once again pondered the first page of Night Train to Lisbon, the opening paragraph … Suddenly I saw the special connection between myself and the book’s main character. Just as this story – this first page – invaded my life, so Amadeu de Prado stormed into Gregorius’s life … The most beautiful discovery.

After arriving in Bern, there was only one place I wanted to go first: the Kirchenfeldbrücke, the bridge where it all began. That is how it happened. Finally, I was at the place I had come to know so well within my imagination. Yet, on the other hand, it was all so new. This place marks a moment that was incredibly important to me and still is.

After a few beautiful days in Bern, with lots of sunshine and also, luckily, one day of rain, I discovered another thing: this first trip to Bern is just a tiny beginning. Just as the book asks to be read again and again, Bern asks to come back.

And the search goes on, in the same way as described in the book:

“And the more space he gave to that feeling, the more it seemed that the relationship between opportunity and reality began to change.”

So, what’s next? It’s now mid 2017. Well, it’s time for the next step in this project. As I said above: the search goes on and I feel I have to go back to Bern, soon. To be continued… Follow my blogs 

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