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24 March 2015 · annemarie hoogwoud

The making of Night train to Lisbon  

The kick off of my new project: the Making of of the beautiful book Night train to Lisbon.

The project, which I will soon start, and which is in my head already a few years: to imagine the fantastic book Night train to Lisbon.

From the very first time I read it and from page one, this book impressed me. Even after I read it for the fourth time the fascination keeps on increasing.

Soon the idea came up to imagine this book. It took me, however, a couple of years before I was ready for it. And now it becomes true. In April I am going to Bern to make the first images.

But …. the writer of this book, Pascal Mercier, alias for Peter Bieri, is coming to Amsterdam, even before I am leaving for Bern, how special!

And …. I cannot imagine a more beautiful beginning of my project ‘Night train’ then meeting Peter Bieri prior to my trip to Bern. And that is going to happen! I will meet this fascinating man the 30th of March!


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