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spain – costa de la luz

The Silent series woke up gently from the moment I became open to it. I was walking out there again. With myself and with my camera through the landscape. Looking for the emptiness, for the silence, for that one unique moment. After all these years I know: I can not force such a moment. It is the moment itself which determines whether it will show itself. Either I can see and catch it. And sometimes I return home. Maybe it was there, but I didn’t see it. I am, as my great hero, Charlie Waite says, not in the right frame of mind. My head is too full; I am too restless. At other times, the landscape dazes me and I am overwhelmed by what it has to offer. The urge to return home empty-handed lifts its head…… But fortunately, I am able to speak to myself just in time. Only one option: focus on what matters. Slowly, my head becomes empty. And I am in touch with the landscape. The right frame of mind. The images naturally follow,  in silence. How wonderful. The Silent series breathes a serene calm.

Ireland Caragh Lake

Ireland Caragh Lake

fryslân – oostvaardersplassen

spain – gorafe

fryslân – ameland

flevoland – oostvaardersplassen

fryslân – laaksum


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