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2018 November 26

The making of… the exhibition of the quest


From idea to execution …. John Twigt (Workstation) and Pascale Wielenga (Yardmen) have made a beautiful film!


2018 November 5

Press release the quest

the quest, a photographic journey, based on the novel Night Train to Lisbon

“The day that ended with everything different in the life of Raimund Gregorius began like countless other days.”

It is 2007. After reading this first sentence in the novel Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier, in the life of photographer Annemarie Hoogwoud also everything would change. Almost instantaneously she knew that she wanted to visualize this novel. ‘Just years later I could see that, as a result of reading the novel, everything that happened to me in the years that followed had been set in motion.

It took until 2014 before she started making the photos. Trips to Bern and Lisbon followed, because the novel was set there. A meeting with Pascal Mercier, the writer of the novel, helped to focus. “It is all about Bern”, he said. However, focusing did not mean that it became clear why it was necessary for Annemarie to visualize his novel.  Starting a quest for who you are and where you are can be set in motion by reading something simple as the starting line in a novel. Many are able to imagine what could be possible, However, the drive to do what is achievable is lacking all too often.

The novel and the story of Annemarie encourage to search for answers to life questions and that is important for our wellbeing and for a better understanding of the world around us. In the meantime, Annemarie has been approached by several magazines to tell her inspiring story.

And now the photo book The quest – a photographic journey based on the novel Night Train to Lisbon, is published by publisher Lecturis. Copies of the book can be ordered at Lecturis starting November 23.

The exhibition, in collaboration with photo-lab Gallery Color, runs from November 24 till December 14. Address: the Photoshop, Middenweg 105-107, 1098 AH Amsterdam.