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my eye on landscape – if you think you know what you see …

spatial planning

30 June 2019 · Annemarie Hoogwoud


More beautiful than the client himself I cannot say it: “if you think you know what you see, it appears that it is something else again.”
It started with a cup of coffee. And there came the question: whether I could record his working life as urban planner / planner, about 40 years, in a number of images. Wow, my experience in spatial planning projects and my photography come together..
One of the finest photo assignments to date followed.
And immediately the search begins: what, how and where to start?

Through the conversations with the client – his vision, motives, inspirations and also the dilemmas in spatial planning – the essence becomes increasingly clear to me.
I can get started.

His vision, motives and inspirations lead me on my way. The dilemmas trigger me. What am I going to do with those dillemas?
More conversations about this follow. About the contradictions in space, the divergent interests and the dilemmas that one encounters in the broad playing field of spatial planning. Decisions are not always based on quality. About the chaos of the dilemmas and how one can find the right way with and through all those dilemmas, so that together we can improve a little in the world in which we live.
Beautiful conversations that ultimately are leading in the creative process of making images. Images that reflect the spatial planning dilemmas, images that constantly evoke new points of view, images that constantly show something different: the urbanity, the countryside, the dilemmas between the windmills and the protection of nature and above all images that nourish and support the conversation about spatial planning.
After all, we are talking about the importance of capturing all of that: “The images are so necessary to tell that story and naturally evoke all sorts of questions and discussions,” according to the client.

Five images that tell his story of 40 years of spatial planning. It appears to be possible!

spatial planning

spatial planning

spatial planning

spatial planning

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