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my eye on landscape – and there I was … back home at the couch


28 April 2014 · annemarie hoogwoud

And not at that lovely bench in Lorca, Navarra, in the picture above.

At home with just one big desire: back to the camino.

I still hear my dear friends say: is it a good idea: just 2 weeks camino and come back later for the second part? And also, the same friends, camino-experts: you take your camera with you? Not necessary, it’s not what the camino is about.

Oh yes, I can do that!!
Overconfidence, they call it here.

Well, I did it, on my own way, and I have no regrets. Of course, the desire to return  is huge. It isn’t finished yet.
Say goodbye to the camino wasn’t as easy as I thought in advance. It wasn’t the right time to leave the camino at that moment.

But I didn’t wanted to  miss the experiences those 2 weeks: the way, the landscape, the weather (snow, rain and cold), the simplicity of life, reflections, the connection with everything around me and last but not least the meetings and conversations with amazing lovely people. What a wealth, deeply impressed.

And now back home, at the couch, I process this camino part 1. What did it to me, what has brought it me? It takes time…

Oh yes, the camera 😉 after two days my camera turend out to be a burden. Who would have imagened? For me it was a shocking experience and it did take a number of days before I could admit it  and put my camera at the bottom of my backpack.
Yes, it is true, the camino is about something completely different. And from that moment on I used my iPhone, and nothing else.

It felt like liberation. After all, with my camera I’m a photographer and it must be perfect. Indeed, not a good combination with walking the camino. So with my iPhone, the pressure was gone. With as a result a valuable, personal photobook, not perfect but good enough. A liberating insight.

Take a look at my photobook here, if you want, just at ease, at home on the couch.

And which path you take: I wish you a buen camino! To be continued.

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