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my eye on landscape – charisma

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4 December 2013 · annemarie hoogwoud

What is your charisma?

A good question to start with in 2014.

After a year in which I came closer to my eye on landscape, my essence, to see that spatial planning is really my core business, to take my first steps in art photography, in which I became a member of GKf and started the cooperation with Beeldagent, a year in which I had a great exhibition in Groningen, special meetings with special photographers, in which I built a beautiful portfolio and not at least I received a dream order. A year of 300% photography and nothing else: spatial planning and art!

And then: during a workshop a couple of weeks ago, there was the question:  “what is your charisma?”  Well, here you go again…..
A question, which was not easy to answer. During the evening it seems that, for everyone, charisma is the result of something else. For me, my charisma is the result of my life so far and especially the result of everything that happened in this last year.

Recently I gave al lecture “how do you look at your environment?” The core of my photo work is to see what is, to see the essence and balance. Based on my pictures in that lecture we took a closer look.
Afterwards I received comments like “beautiful subdued”, “a lot of peace and space to take a look and think” and “inspiring”  ; all of them lovely comments which did me more than good! Charisma?

Due to a technical problem, I stood in the dark. Initially awkward, but I realised it couldn’t be a coincidence: you see me best by my photographs.

The question “what is your charisma” reminds me of that incident. My photographs say everything about how I see my environment, and integrally associated is how my environment, through my photographs, see me. Interesting, isn’t it?

And thus you will fare the same, photographer or not. How do you see your environment and how will it see you? It’s up to you.

I wish you a beautiful, gorgeous and charismatic 2014! See you next year




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