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my eye on landscape – moving

Hoe Beweeg Jij?

28 September 2013 · annemarie hoogwoud

How do you move in your photographes?

The other day I looked at the photos in my archive and suddenly noticed the change in my photography over the years.

Of course, I have grown photographically, I attended workshops, masterclasses. I could and can see the positive effect of that all.

But I noticed something else too. My world is very much moving; I moved and thus my photography moved with it. Both literally and figuratively

My view on the world around me changed, on my own world and because of that a completely new photographic world emerged.

A fascinating discovery! And a discovery that increases my creativity immensely and opens many doors for me. Where does it lead me? I let myself be suprised.

Join me and watch your photos taken during the last years and see the change and development. Take your camera and go out with that awareness.

Can the new images you will make suprise you?

Have fun!

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