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my eye on landscape – on holiday

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28 September 2013 · annemarie hoogwoud

The ever-lasting dilemma: which camera do I take with me?

Inspired by all the camera reviews that I recently read and by my fellow photographers in Britain, I write this blog.

I am, like many other landscape photographers, a bit lazy and I do not like to drag along the country like some kind of pack-mule. Much too tiring and it distracts me from the reason I go out into the country in the first place: to create my image on landscape.

Anyway, one of my rules is that quality is more important than comfort and sometimes I will have to make some concessions. So in my, very comfortable backpack, I put my DSLR camera, lenses, flashes, filters and tripod. The hauling starts.But what did I see in Britain? A couple of fellow photographers did their photographing with compact cameras, on tripod and if necessary a filter could be added. Of course I was very curious about their results. And I was not the only one… And the results were very worth while. Stunning… I seldom have seen such a beautiful photo book, and made with a compact camera! The discussion could start.

And with the forthcoming holidays an exciting discussion. The question arises: do I drag everything along or do I confine myself to a compact camera. After all ‘ in the limitation the master presents himself’ (Goethe).

Very interesting, the most important is your eye on landscape, the way you look.

Please watch this short introduction film Travelling Light by Charlie Waite, British landscape photographer. He shows what you can do with a compact camera.

Travelling Light DVD Trailer from ENVIRONMENT FILMS on Vimeo.

After having seen this short film my ever lasting dilemma isn’t a dilemma anymore, because it is like Charlie Waite says in his quoting the famous photographer Henri Cartier Bresson: “Photography is all about the decisive moment”. A great picture doesn’t need a big expensive camera.

I definitely know which camera I am going to take with me in my backpack the next holiday. Do you?

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