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my eye on landscape – world press photo

World Press Photo

28 September 2013 · annemarie hoogwoud

It was a big disappointment not to hear my name among the winners of the World Press Photo…

Well, was that in fact the case? The tension has been raising sky high during the week before the announcement of the winners of the worlds press photo. I was invited to attend the viewing and I thought that was at least peculiar. What am I going to wear? Because just imagine…. It could be possible. Indeed, it could be possible… until I saw the winning images… No, I belong in a different category.

We were present in De Balie on that Friday afternoon. By the way, the winning pictures were already made public that same morning. Every image was very impressive. But not until I looked at the images on a big screen one after another it dawned on me.

They had an enormous impact on me and on everyone in the room. It was also very extraordinary to realise where the photographer was standing while taking the picture.

Something else also happened to me. Almost every image showed war, misery and destruction. If we still had a little hope in this world it was all blown away after seeing these images. If this is the world, than it is a very, very sick world.

Wouldn’t it be great if World Press could also show the hope for a better world and the beauty of it? For instance: a more realistic and balanced image of our world or the rebuilding after an earthquake? Or small initiatives taken to make this world a little bit better; women in Africa who build a self-reliant existence with the help of micro credit. Or do ‘we’ think that is no news? Does a better future have no news value?

Well, that is what I thought after the viewing when we all were al little depressed from looking at the winning pictures. And I say ‘we’ because I heard a sigh of relief from the audience as pictures of penguins were shown. We obviously and secretly were waiting for that.

Had I indeed lost? I realised that my images do not belong in this contest. My images show a beautiful world and I believe in that. My clothing made that clear too. I was quite overdressed….

With belief in and hope for a better world and beautiful images I went home.

Has the time come for an alternative World Press Photo?

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