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my eye on landscape – pick your flower

8 May 2015 · annemarie hoogwoud

“Don’t cut the shadows!” It has been already two years that those words of my great example Charlie Waite echoed through the Lake District. Yes, I was there too. The experiences of those 4 days left an inalienable impression upon me and had a large impact on my photography and upon the way I work. A very special encounter about which you can read more in my blog lake district.

And then I find out that Charlie is coming to the Netherlands, together with flower- and landscape photographer Sue Bishop. A warm get together again after two years. Fantastic to meet Sue and to make new English friends. Just like two years ago again a short, intensive workshop with a large impact.

Flower photography this time, in the Keukenhof. The English were surprised that the last time I was there was when I was a child. However, flower photography, not really my cup of tea. I joined because of the opportunity of meeting Charlie, I admit that, but still. During these days I found out that it is a good idea to step out of my comfort zone of landscapes and to focus on one thing: one flower. Sue showed us how she makes her beautiful pictures of flowers: look consciously at an object (first pick your flower), at the combination of colours, at the light (against the light is the most interesting) and (especially) at the background.
Focus points I unconsciously already have in my landscape photography. But it is inspiring to work with that focus consciously for a couple of days and on the square centimetre. With a subject, I normally would not choose. To quietly investigate the possibilities and impossibilities. On that square centimetre, you will get more conscious of the impact of light and colour and how to play with it. After a few hours work, I noticed that it fascinated me more and more. It had to be possible to take those beautiful pictures too…. Well, we came a bit in the neighbourhood of Sue, not more than that.

Result: going home with, for me, surprisingly beautiful flower photographs and richer with experiences. And I had a few lovely and inspiring days with thanks to Charlie and Sue, of Light and Land, and my fellow students.
And yes, fair is fair, quickly back into the landscape, because after three days on my knees between the flowers it started to tickle, or rather to hurt: heavy job, flower photographer 😉

But with three things even sharper in my mind: what are you going to do, with which light and with which background.

Thanks, folks!

2 responses to “my eye on landscape – pick your flower”

  1. Sue Bishop says:

    Great blog, Annemarie! It was really lovely to meet you, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the various challenges of flower photography!

  2. annemarie hoogwoud says:

    Thank you Sue! And so funny, last week I received an email with a question from a photography friend from the US wether I do anything with flowers this spring…..;-) I

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