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my eye on landscape – portrait of a landscape

10 February 2014 · annemarie hoogwoud

My eye on your landscape

A portrait can be made in different ways. I, recently, could make a portrait of some entrepreneurs. A portrait shaped by a landscape. Yes, indeed, my eye on landscape, a portrait of a landscape. And one of those ‘portraits’ will soon be exposed in the office of one on those entrepreneurs. That will be a very special moment.

It is an intriguing way of making photographs.  These are assignments, which take some time. These pictures take time to grow. How do I look at someone, what do I see and which landscape will arise? A fascinating process.

The image of the entrepreneur arises after an extensive talk. Then the process starts of translating it into a landscape. Key words become clear and the exploration to a conforming landscape follows. And finally the image arises in the landscape. Not before but on the spot.

The above photograph is such a ‘portrait’ of an entrepreneur. This is someone who is very much grounded, a solid base. This entrepreneur is also able to reflect, to present you a mirror, is connected with the world around her and is also capable to show you the other side of a situation.

For me this way of working, looking and taking photographs is very special. It arose at the moment that I thought how to integrate the human being into my landscapes.

And it is a great present for the recipient, so I have noticed. If you think what was it like? Than you only have to look at your portrait.

Are you curious about your portrait? Get in touch and we will portrait your landscape!





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