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Wandering through the landscape, far away or just around the corner with a camera in my hand. Searching for peace and reflection. This hits me every single time. And every time it results in a different series of photographs in which the landscape shows me exactly what it wants to show me.

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flevoland – roggebotstaete

The first Moving photographs were created Рto be honest Рby accident. On holiday, while playing around with my camera. And through this, through these movements, I sought even more of a connection with the truly visually observable landscape. That tiny bit of recognition so you know where you are. And at the same time, the challenge to search for what is there. And what you actually see and what this image brings to mind. Through this, the Moving series created its own, completely personal dynamic.

england – bosham


Moving photographs ask you to stand still. They show you a dynamic within the landscape and mirror your feelings. They ask you to which extent the landscape reflects your experience of life.

noord holland – texel

This Moving series mirrors a life in which everything is constantly in motion, at the same time bringing some sort of stillness – rest – along with it.

spain – castillejar

england – bosham

spain – costa de la luz

england – bosham

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