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Me as a Landscape Photographer (old)

My first step into becoming a landscape photographer and my first contact with a camera occurred at the age of 15. We lived in Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam. Our neighbor regularly traveled to Iceland and Greenland and took photographs of the landscape. He could talk about it for hours, and night after night I would look through his slides; I found them beautiful. And when he bought a new camera, he gave me his Minolta. My first camera!

Years later, I decided to follow the professional course in photography at the Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn. With my new and broad knowledge, I started my career as a photographer: from weddings to product photography and everything in between, searching for what moved me the most.

The turning point of this search came about in 2003, as project secretary of the Friesland province planning department. They knew I was a photographer and asked me if I wanted to take the photographs for this project. Suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do: landscape photography.

Photography helps me to see what’s going on. That is the thread which runs through my life. Through photographs, I look for the essence; that powerful simplicity, the beauty of everyday life. Literally and figuratively being a part of the landscape and creating a world of space. And from this world, other new worlds unfold

My main inspiration

Charlie Waite, a well-known landscape photographer from England. He taught me that you need an open mind to take photographs. Your mind and attitude to the landscape itself must be in the right shape.

“A good photograph is a received photograph, an exchange between you and the landscape, in which there is a dialogue between the two of you. It is simple courtesy to allow the landscape to speak.”

– Charlie Waite, landscape photographer

How you relate to the landscape is indeed crucial. Just look at my photograph of the Konik horses of the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve. I can only catch such an image when I take my time. When I wait for the right moment to happen. When everything coincides. I‘m always the most surprised when I have no expectations. When I simply wait and watch. The essence of the landscape reveals itself in slowness.

The ‘nature of my vision’

I believe that photography is a way to look at yourself. When I take photographs by myself or look at other people’s work, I get to know myself better. My work asks something from the viewer and does something to the viewer. Do you truly see what you see? More about my vision in my artist profile

My dreams?

I have a whole list of them! But my most important dreams are to see my artwork hanging in a gallery and a simultaneous exhibition in Bern and Lisbon for my ‘Night Train to Lisbon’ project. And well, FOAM or Guggenheim … you’re allowed to dream, right?

Become visible through my work and share the beauty, slowness, and softness of the world in which we live. This is what my eye on landscape means to me.


Annemarie Hoogwoud | m 06 51924070

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