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18 September 2017 · annemarie hoogwoud

The making of Night Train to Lisbon

‘And there, all of a sudden, he realized that he was in fact making this trip- that it wasn’t only a possibility, something he had thought up during a sleepless night, but something that really and truly was taking place. And the more space he gave this feeling, the more it seemed to him that the relation of possibility and reality was beginning to change.’ Raimund Gregorius, Night Train to Lisbon

Last month, I was in Bern for the third time to make the next step in my Night Train project. I had no concrete plans. All I knew was that I wanted to go on with the project and that it needed to be there again. Trusting that it occurs when it should occur.
And it happened: during the days in Bern, it became so clear to me that the relation between possibility and reality was beginning to change.

Two and a half years ago, I was in Bern for the first time. A first encounter with the city that plays such a prominent role in the book. A second time followed soon and after that, of course, a visit to Lisbon.
And now, I was back in Bern again. Suddenly I saw that the circle was round: Bern-Lisbon-Bern. Mundus also returned to Bern. It was so obvious that I also returned to Bern.
Suddenly I saw how the storylines from the book, my story – because yes, why is this project so incredibly important to me?- and the images fit into each other. I imagined how I could visualize this project! In other words that the relation of possibility and reality was beginning to change. Excited and full of energy I returned home!

Time to work out what I had seen in Bern. At a peaceful and quiet location, I have worked for several days last week: reread passages, staring at the water, looking at my images time after time. And finally writing my story: what happened between reading that very first page in the book, many many years ago, and now?
A fascinating process and above all a process that brings me a bit deeper into the book and to myself, and to the story that I want to tell with this project: in the quest for inner freedom, you always have a choice whether you respond to the call or not.

It’s My Eye on The Night Train to Lisbon.

To be continued: soon!

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