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my eye on landscape – visible invisible…

10 May 2014 · annemarie hoogwoud

Recently during a photo session, I received feedback that I was visible invisible.

I had to think about that. Because what is this? You’re clearly present but not bothersome? You are there but not? I asked. The lady who gave me the feedback meant that I was present in a pleasant way, almost shooting invisible. A nice compliment!!

Back in the car home I figured that the visible invisible in my whole life is an issue. From all sides I become, well-meaning, more or less “pushed” to be visible, standing in the light. I often feel not comfortable with that. Well, I’m become a photographer, behind the camera….photography dark room, remember 😉

With my photography I show the beauty of the everyday landscape, I show you, what is there, when you look in a different way to your surroundings: the apparently invisible I make visible. I myself am often visible invisible. I make choices where I did and did not appear as, for example, network meetings. I am more often than not, find it quite a “hassle”. And in my pictures I try to avoid just “hassles”, only the essence is important.

So also at the network meetings, the essence, the networks out there for me, remain. And even then I don’t always manage to be there. It gave me a lot of internal strife: “I actually did have to go, I am not, is this smart”? For some time I have surrendered, the “must have” released, and I feel it’s oké. It fits me, visible invisible, that I can see now.

But don’t you network anymore at all? I hear a number of people already. Of course I do, online and offline, only more and more on my way, I make the invisible visible and invisible visible. I can recommend it to everyone, all do’s and don’t about networking: read them and pick up the ones and the way that suits you and see it back in your photography.

And yes, the result: two interviews in the magazines, DIGIFOTOpro in March and now in Pf [both only in Dutch, I’m sorry], beautiful commands and again I’ve been asked to give a lecture. I am so happy with it!


Download DIGIFOTOpro

Download Pf interview

2 responses to “my eye on landscape – visible invisible…”

  1. I see you! I have been reading your thought provoking articles with great interest. Thank you for your ideas, inspiration and photographs of deep beauty. I hope to do another Flow-tography day in NL and would love to see you.

  2. annemarie hoogwoud says:

    Thank you Suzanne! Yes I’d love to see you too!! Please let me know when you are in the Netherlands this year.

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