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the making of … | fantastic: a meeting with the writer of Night train

1 April 2015 · annemarie hoogwoud

The making of Night train to Lisbon  

What is a better way to start my project than with a meeting with the writer who stood at the start of this project.

And that is what happened. Monday, March 30 I spoke with Peter Bieri, also known as Pascal Mercier. A dream start!

Peter Bieri is honoured and very enthusiastic that I will imagine his book. We talked about what the book brought him, what the book did to me, about the music in the book, about the tone which makes that you are touched by the book (or not touched).

At the end of course also some tips about locations that cannot be missed during my visit to Bern the next couple of days.

A meeting with a fascinating man, which was followed in De Balie, where Peter Bieri talked with Bas Heijne.

To put it briefly: we have begun!

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