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my eye on landscape – doing by non-doing

25 November 2014 · annemarie hoogwoud

In my latest blog, I explored to be visibly invisible. I do not know if it was visible but in a way, I was invisible since that time. Anyhow it felt like that. I did not show myself. And yet I was seen. An experience I have more often lately and that keeps fascinating me. Doing by non-doing.

The last couple of weeks I was travelling in the Altiplano in Spain. A kind of delayed summer holiday. Time to relax after very hectic months and time to reflect. And that reflection showed me that it is not enough to have focus, to know what I want and to know what is important to me. However, letting all that go, you might call it becoming invisible, is essential too, it is going to work. I found that out in the past year. Doing by non-doing?

The Altiplano too seems an area that is visibly invisible, that is doing by non-doing, that is what I realised while gazing over the rough and pure landscape. No mass tourism, no shouting billboards, no ego attitude of shallowness. It is there and you can enjoy it if you want and if it fits you.

That is what that rough landscape tried to tell me during my visit. A landscape that revealed itself to me last year. And then it only made me be silent. And now I can see and feel what it has to tell me. Pure, simple, earthy, rough and wild from time to time. An optimum form of simplicity of life. It is perfect as it shows itself.

I took that image last year in my suitcase back home, but I was not aware of that. But it paid off. Beautiful assignments came my way: about sustainable energy, visualisations of Friesland, to record the farmyards of Friesland, to make images of movements in coach sessions and to give presentations.

Again I will take it with me into the next year, but now more aware of what is important to me. And immediately let go after I took all the necessary preparations. Doing by non-doing. Let imagination do its work.

I will give a lecture for Stad en Natuur again, the 7th of December. For more information: Stad en Natuur

About landscape, about image and imagination, about what the landscape has to say to me, about doing by non-doing. On the basis of my images of Flevoland, Friesland and Spain I will show you my eye on landscape.

I am looking forward to seeing you. So, sometimes doing by doing is necessary.

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