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my eye on landscape – it’s about the eye

© 2017 Oostvaardersplassen, Flevoland

17 July 2017 · annemarie hoogwoud

Do you recognize this: you are back home from holiday, look at your pictures and think: hmmm in real life it looked a little bit different, more beautiful.

Well, maybe you are on holiday now, celebrating a holiday at home or you are leaving soon? Read my personal tips & tricks to improve your holiday pictures.

1. beauty is everywhere
Definitely my nr 1!! Not always the far away locations are the only place to make a perfect and beautiful picture. Far from that. Take a look just around your corner, beauty is on your doorstep.  It’s a matter of taking your time. By the way, it doesn’t matter which camera you take with you: it’s all about the eye.

2. turn your back to the crowd
The big must see locations, you recognize them from far away…. Too much people taking more or less the same picture. You can hear the location sigh ;-). Well, turn around, walk a little bit further and make the picture other people don’t make. Back home your family and friends will say: hey, I haven’t seen that!

3. take your time
And learn to wait. Not always a pleasure for your partner, friends or family, but choose the moment carefully. If you stay longer at the same place, you learn to see more and, above all, in a different way.

4. more or less?  
The art of the essence. Long ago, during my photography education, I’ve learned to avoid hassle in a picture. So, be aware of twigs in your image, check the foreground and wait a moment before you push the release button and check your composition again. What is it you actually want to capture in the picture?

5. the horizon…
And last but not least: the horizon….I know it’s an open door. But too many times I see lovely pictures and then, oh dear… a skewed horizon and the sea deflates, what a pity.

Enjoy your holiday! I look forward to see your photos.

And oh my bonus tip: print your photos when you are back home, that gives such a pleasure!!

 photo: © 2017 oostvaardersplassen, flevoland, the netherlands

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