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Wandering through the landscape, far away or just around the corner with a camera in my hand. Searching for peace and reflection. This hits me every single time. And every time it results in a different series of photographs in which the landscape shows me exactly what it wants to show me.

Commissioned by…

An exciting moment as a client calls and asks, “Say, Annemarie, can we meet up soon?” My heart leaps. Will it be the open landscape? Will it be landscaping effects of agriculture or the influence of our interventions upon the landscape? Or will I be exposing urban planning? A lovely surprise every time! But one thing is certain: the emphasis is on spatial planning, i.e.: our landscape’s setting.

Excited and full of expectation, we start the meeting. We begin to converse, searching for the actual question, the why, the what and the where. Looking for how we can enhance the message with photographs. Searching for the essence.

I’m on my way. With the camera in my hand and the adventure before me. Will I succeed in catching the essence? The first photographs introduce themselves, motivated I continue. Suddenly I’m stuck. Because the weather is not what I had in mind. Or the location is ‘not quite right’. Or the light is ‘wrong’. And the deadline is snapping at my heels …

In one fluid motion, I take the last pictures. With a calm heart but also in tension, I send the client my photographs. The selection process begins. Once again full of excitement because after all, I have my personal favorites …

The client makes a choice. Proud, I see my photographs on a website, in a brochure or in a book.

Wow! I did it!

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