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 Wandering through the landscape, far away or just around the corner with a camera in my hand. Searching for peace and reflection. This hits me every single time. And every time it results in a different series of photographs in which the landscape shows me exactly what it wants to show me.

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spanje – castillejar

The Classical series is anchored into my soul. Because here my life as a landscape photographer began: classic landscapes. An old, familiar and timeless love. Never outdated and ever challenging, as if I am seeing my love for photography with fresh eyes.

scotland – bow fiddle rock

These landscapes are like an anchor, like a best friend: sometimes you do not see each other for a while, but it’s always there. A loving friendship.

scotland – bow fiddle rock

With Classical, I show the beauty of ‘every day’. These photographs show the landscape just ‘around the corner’. My Dutch friends often ask me, “Annemarie, is this here? The Netherlands?”


france – Île de Ré

Yes. Often we do not see how beautiful our Dutch landscape is, or the landscape in your own country, where ever you live. One can see so much more by simply being silent, going into our landscape, to see what is there. With Classical, I come to the essence of what is there, at that precise moment. Looking for that point of rest in the landscape which makes you, as an observer, completely in touch with that place, that story. As if you’re part of it, as if you can feel and smell it. As if you are there. Truly ultimate as I can achieve that as a photographer. Classical.

solid, dolomites, italy, passo valparola, rocks, mountains, annemarie hoogwoud photography

italy – dolomites



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