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my eye on landscape – if you think you know what you see …

30 June 2019

More beautiful than the client himself I cannot say it: "if you think you know what you see, it appears that it is something else again." It started with a cup of coffee. And there came the question: whether I could record his working life as urban planner / planner, about 40 years, in a number of images. Wow, my experience in spatial planning projects and my photography come together.. One of the finest photo assignments to date followed. And...

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my eye on landscape – chaos and doubt

10 March 2019

The reaction to my images is not uncommon: 'they radiate peace of mind' or 'simplicity and emptiness evoke a desire in me'. I try indeed to avoid chaos and doubt in my eye on landscape. Recently, after the lecture I gave in Leeuwarden about my photo book the quest, a woman came to me. Emotionally she thanked me for my...

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my eye on landscape – it rains in andalusia

2 March 2018

And I read the book The Mind's Eye by photographer Henry Cartier-Bresson. The Mind's Eye ... .. an intriguing title, with an equally intriguing passage: “My passion has never been for photography ”in itself,“ but for the possibility– through forgetting yourself– of recording in a fraction of a second the emotion of the subject, and the beauty of the form; that is, a...

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my eye on landscape – I dream of photography…

16 November 2017

Roughly translated to Vincent van Gogh, I start this blog; 'and I'm photographing my dream'. My dreams, of which I later think, why did I dream this? I can never resist the temptation to google to find an explanation for my dreams. Well, I usually do not become wiser or happier... Back to the photography. I always start my photography...

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The making of… | Back in Bern

18 September 2017

The making of Night Train to Lisbon 'And there, all of a sudden, he realized that he was in fact making this trip- that it wasn’t only a possibility, something he had thought up during a sleepless night, but something that really and truly was taking place. And the more space he gave this feeling, the more it seemed to...

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my eye on landscape – the dolomites choose me

7 September 2017

Why did the Dolomites choose me? This summer, high in the Dolomites I took the above photo. At a moment that my image of a hike in the Dolomites was a bit different from the reality. It was more like a survival tour. And I wondered why in heavens name I had chosen the Dolomites? Or did the Dolomites choose...

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my eye on landscape – it’s about the eye

17 July 2017

Do you recognize this: you are back home from holiday, look at your pictures and think: hmmm in real life it looked a little bit different, more beautiful. Well, maybe you are on holiday now, celebrating a holiday at home or you are leaving soon? Read my personal tips & tricks to improve your holiday pictures. 1. beauty is everywhere Definitely...

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my eye on landscape – a matter of time

26 June 2017

It’s all a matter of time. An insight that I recently was given on a silver platter. Matter, according to the dictionary, means 'what it is about'. Suddenly, I saw my life in that light. For as long as I can remember, time and taking my time are what it’s about for me. A while ago, I said goodbye to...

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the making of … | what’s next?

7 June 2015

The making of Night train to Lisbon   A dream start! That is what I wrote last time, after my decision to imagine night train to Lisbon and the following especially beautiful meeting with the writer of the book, Pascal Mercier. It was even more exciting to travel to Bern, the city where it all starts and on which the...

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my eye on landscape – pick your flower

8 May 2015

"Don’t cut the shadows!" It has been already two years that those words of my great example Charlie Waite echoed through the Lake District. Yes, I was there too. The experiences of those 4 days left an inalienable impression upon me and had a large impact on my photography and upon the way I work. A very special encounter about...

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the making of … | fantastic: a meeting with the writer of Night train

1 April 2015

The making of Night train to Lisbon   What is a better way to start my project than with a meeting with the writer who stood at the start of this project. And that is what happened. Monday, March 30 I spoke with Peter Bieri, also known as Pascal Mercier. A dream start! Peter Bieri is honoured and very enthusiastic...

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the making of … | soon

24 March 2015

The making of Night train to Lisbon   The kick off of my new project: the Making of of the beautiful book Night train to Lisbon. The project, which I will soon start, and which is in my head already a few years: to imagine the fantastic book Night train to Lisbon. From the very first time I read it and...

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my eye on landscape – doing by non-doing

25 November 2014

In my latest blog, I explored to be visibly invisible. I do not know if it was visible but in a way, I was invisible since that time. Anyhow it felt like that. I did not show myself. And yet I was seen. An experience I have more often lately and that keeps fascinating me. Doing by non-doing. The last...

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my eye on landscape – visible invisible…

10 May 2014

Recently during a photo session, I received feedback that I was visible invisible. I had to think about that. Because what is this? You're clearly present but not bothersome? You are there but not? I asked. The lady who gave me the feedback meant that I was present in a pleasant way, almost shooting invisible. A nice compliment!! Back in...

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my eye on landscape – and there I was … back home at the couch

28 April 2014

And not at that lovely bench in Lorca, Navarra, in the picture above. At home with just one big desire: back to the camino. I still hear my dear friends say: is it a good idea: just 2 weeks camino and come back later for the second part? And also, the same friends, camino-experts: you take your camera with you?...

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my eye on landscape – portrait of a landscape

10 February 2014

My eye on your landscape A portrait can be made in different ways. I, recently, could make a portrait of some entrepreneurs. A portrait shaped by a landscape. Yes, indeed, my eye on landscape, a portrait of a landscape. And one of those ‘portraits’ will soon be exposed in the office of one on those entrepreneurs. That will be a...

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my eye on landscape – charisma

4 December 2013

What is your charisma? A good question to start with in 2014. After a year in which I came closer to my eye on landscape, my essence, to see that spatial planning is really my core business, to take my first steps in art photography, in which I became a member of GKf and started the cooperation with Beeldagent, a year...

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my eye on landscape – moving

28 September 2013

How do you move in your photographes? The other day I looked at the photos in my archive and suddenly noticed the change in my photography over the years. Of course, I have grown photographically, I attended workshops, masterclasses. I could and can see the positive effect of that all. But I noticed something else too. My world is very...

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my eye on landscape – on holiday

The ever-lasting dilemma: which camera do I take with me? Inspired by all the camera reviews that I recently read and by my fellow photographers in Britain, I write this blog. I am, like many other landscape photographers, a bit lazy and I do not like to drag along the country like some kind of pack-mule. Much too tiring and...

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my eye on landscape – world press photo

It was a big disappointment not to hear my name among the winners of the World Press Photo… Well, was that in fact the case? The tension has been raising sky high during the week before the announcement of the winners of the worlds press photo. I was invited to attend the viewing and I thought that was at least...

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my eye on landscape – lake district

It was a very cold Sunday morning, at the end of January, the wind raged across the countryside in the beautiful Lake District in Great Britain. Together with a group of English photographers I stayed there for a few days, under the inspiring leadership of Charlie Waite, one of the masters of landscape photography. After a very rainy start of...

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